I'm working with great passion to improve user experience in different systems and products.


My company offers usability consulting services. It is essential to consider the user needs and tasks when designing systems and user interfaces. It is important to understand what kind of culture the users are working in, and how it affects their work. Users should be considered throughout the development project.

Iterative design and using the right methods in different phases of the project offer a systematic approach to implementing usability into design. Design solutions should support the user needs and users’ tasks. Usability has numerous benefits; improving user experience improves efficiency in the operation and quality of the product.


My expertise is in usability and user studies. My interest is to implement user needs and user requirements in research and development projects by collecting information from the actual context of use, as well as evaluating and testing different designs with different kinds of users throughout the development project.

I have been working for over 10 years in several research and development projects in different areas of industry. I have been working as an entrepreneur since fall 2009. Prior I was working in the field of usability in the construction industry. I have a Master's Degree in Information Technology.







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